Reality behind the Unreal World.

The word “Is this world real” I have taken from an english movie Matrix. Maybe you have watched it. The question arises that world that we live in is real or not?  What is real actually. The brain makes you think and makes you believe everything. The brain is the entity behind everything we think or perceive real. So, is the world we live in real.

None in this world can answer the question with proper justification. If anyone can then that can only be the brain which do all the work for us. There are electrical signals in our body which transfers visual images which we see from our eyes to our brain. Same way, electrical signals transfers smell from our nose, taste from our tongue, touch feeling from our skin , sound from our ear to the brain. Our brain interprets those signals and hence we recognize things as they are in the world.

What is our brain then. Is it a processor kind of thing just like CPU in Computer systems. Yes, that is true .  If brain is a processor then where is the output processed. The output is processed on the intellect frame where we recognize the electrical signals in its true form of images, smell, touch, sound and taste.  Hence, the brain is just a programmed device which behave as per set programs in it.

So, our body functions are just like  computer functions. When ever we see an image, the signal of image is converted by our eyes in form of an electrical signal.  This electrical signal is then converted into light signal and transferred to the brain via the optical fiber sort of cables (Nervous System). In brain, this light signal is re-converted into electrical signal and processed by brain to the intellect frame.

Now, you tell me “Is this world real”. Are you yourself real. The image of yourself that you see daily in the mirror is that real. The food that you eat is real. Do you daily go to your work and come back. Have you got any answer to my question. Whatever action you perform are just electrical signals now and then processing.

I believe that we all are living in a dream world created by God who is the only one reality behind us all.  God is in the form of intelligence in our body which runs all our bodies like a robot and we are not at all aware of it. Hence, we should let go of our individual egos and live peacefully.

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